How Was This Report Funded?

This Tech Impact Idealware report is the product of a partnership with PEAK Grantmaking and Grantbook, who funded the work. Maintaining editorial integrity and impartiality while funding reports in the technology sector demands rigor. Idealware works hard to meet those demands, as well as the expectations of our audience. To maintain editorial integrity and impartiality, we take the following steps: Idealware is responsible for research and editorial content of this report. Our funding partners contributed subject matter expertise to help inform the work, including gating criteria for system inclusion, requirements criteria, and marketplace trends, but were not involved in the system demos or reviews. Vendors of systems included in this report or any of our reports do not pay for inclusion. Vendors have no input over the editorial content of this report and do not see the report prior to publication. Additionally, Candid, TAG, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy served as promotional partners. They’ve agreed to help us distribute the report to widen our reach in exchange for promotional considerations. None of the promotional partners contributed funding or had any input into or oversight of the content of the report.