Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems! In the four years since the last edition, the marketplace for grants management systems has undergone a LOT of changes. This time around, we’re reviewing fewer systems (acquisitions!) but many of them have increased functionality and have improved overall to respond to the many stakeholders, both inside and outside of a grantmaking institution, who interact with these online systems. Increasingly, grantmakers want good data to measure impact, to make more strategic decisions, and to support learning for the philanthropic and nonprofit sector as a whole. These strategic imperatives have pushed many of these systems—and the people who use them—far beyond basic administrative functions. Most exciting this year is our introduction of an interactive digital version that enables you to explore by requirements, price, and more. Download your free PDF below, and spend some time browsing around the online version to take advantage of the full experience. We hope this guide provides an invaluable resource as you weigh your options. Nikki Barrett, Grantbook and Melissa Sines, Peak Grantmaking